Focus Of Our R&D Policy


Our strengths in developing commercial technologies and scale-up strategies are in the area of innovation which emanates from: -

1) Competent Professionals, 2) Infra-Resources To Scale Up and 3) Will.

Indian agriculture and rural sector had a miserable performance in growth since our independence largely because it did not benefit from modern technology and lack of power supply has been one of the biggest challenges. We did achieve from Scarcity to Plenty in certain sectors such as food grain production with sheer size however we have miles to go from sustainability to profitability in Indian Agriculture is achieved. In order to absorb superior technology, innovation using local resources and local conditions with the usage of abundantly available solar energy (300 sunny days/ year) is still a barrier to overcome. The axiom that Technology Creates Wealth applies fully in this context. The proof of concept largely achieved in many areas by ICAR and state Agricultural universities of our country is not enough. It should follow with a reasonable scale of profitable commercial projects and then wider adoption to make an impact. Presently the gap in attracting private financing in this sector emanates from the lack of demonstrated profitability on large scale.

The company has qualified R&D manpower and excellent R&D infrastructure (to be generated from grant support) with itself and with its collaborators. All of our "Nine Founding Members" have either education at prestigious institutions in India and/or abroad and/or experience abroad and have also experience in academia, Government, private sector and multilateral global agencies. Our goal is to create a world class institution through R&D for developing the cutting edge technology.