Who We Are


We are a group of Technology Driven Firms. We are among the largest potato grower (~50,000 tons annually) in the heartland of Punjab, having a Cold Storage Capacity of 50,000 Tons. We are in the process of establishing a 14,000 Ton capacity Hi-Tech Multi-Commodity Controlled Atmosphere and Modified Atmosphere cold storagehaving state of the art refrigeration systems with a low carbon footprint. This cold storage is designed to use Material Handling equipment such as Electric Fork Lifts and automatic Handling, Sorting, Grading and Packing lines to minimise the physical injury to commodities handled & stored in modular containers. The process hall of this facility is designed to operate as a logistic hub for various commodities.

We are located in the village Quadianwali in the vicinity of Jalandhar City in Punjab in northern India.

Map location is https://www.google.co.in/maps/@31.250745,75.5804818,14z

We have access to sophisticated equipment and infra-structure of our academic partners- Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana and Centre of Innovative & Applied Bioprocessing, Mohali, both in Punjab State ina funded Newton Bhabha Project.